My names Dani, 18, Sophmore in college.

I love making and observing all forms of art. I love to explore the world. I love words, spoken and writen down.Cats, Synchronicity.Rum. Curiosity.

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when he asked why I write poems
we were drinking unfiltered beer outside my house.
I heard the chime on his phone from his girlfriend
and the dim of the screen when he pushed “ignore”.
I write for reasons like this.

when she asks why I always have flowers by my doorstep
I tell her that the flowers are my white flag
for when he wants to come home.
I haven’t had his number in almost two years
but I keep sending “I hope you are well”
into the stars when I exhale my cigarette.
I write for reasons like this.

when they ask why I don’t write about pure love and candy
I ask why they don’t visit their grandmothers more,
put more in the offering plate at church,
call their father just to say goodnight.
there are some things we should do
but just don’t.

there are some things we wish we could change
but just can’t.
I write for reasons like this.


when they ask why I’m such a mystery..I write for reasons like this/d.a.h (via whisperingbones)


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Kurt Cobain (requested)


Every day.

I am better than I was.
I will be better than I am.
-(140/365) by (DS)

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'Bad Thoughts' Exhibition, Amsterdam Stedelijk Modern Art Museum.

from Holzer’s Marquees installation, 1993

The Front Bottoms - Twin Sized Mattress
this is fantastic

and i am boots made of concrete

Flowers thrown into a dumpster in Greenwood Cemetery, NY